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Our SEO tool - Site Health Enhancer S.H.E.

A proprietary platform which commercializes the SEO concept; making SEO easily understandable to both marketers and I.T technicians alike. It is a tool that generates structured scoring, clear diagnosis and problem assessment, accurate reporting as well as actionable recommendations in a manner that can be easily interpreted by both parties.

S.H.E. Guidelines

S.H.E. first applies the latest search engine quality evaluator guidelines and generates a score to deliver an instant snapshot of your website’s SEO application. The score aligns the marketer and the I.T expert on improvement areas and allows them to take corresponding actions swiftly. It eliminates any ambiguity or potential misunderstandings on what actions are needed to be taken and how to prioritize each area.


S.H.E. Reporting

S.H.E. understands that it is catering to two parties; therefore, at the forefront of our platform is customized reporting. The use of different report formats and languages is targeted to provide clear and direct insight to the marketer while providing relevant applicable actions to your I.T experts to facilitate SEO improvements. It serves to keep all parties on the same page!

S.H.E is ongoing

S.H.E. stresses the importance of SEO being an on-going process so it takes actions accordingly. It provides analysis on continuing developments to examine the impact of applied changes. It provides scheduled reporting to notify whether your actions have worked and provides further recommendations to make your website more favourable to search engines.


Looking for more Website Traffic?

Most importantly, S.H.E. knows the main reason for SEO implementation – SERP Rankings! Our platform produces keyword rankings as well as its ranking movements over time. Not to mention its ability to compare your keyword rankings with your major competitors. S.H.E. gives you structure to SEO you never thought existed. Why wait, trial it out now!

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