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    Who is Aloha?
    We Strive to:
    Utilize our platform to build a healthy online presence for your company.
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    Who is Aloha?
    We Provide:
    Instant website analysis and recommendations to quantity your website performance.
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    Who is Aloha?
    We Improve:
    Your website’s quality of traffic, leads and sales to benefit your business’s bottom line.

Why choose Aloha?


SEO Platform

Use of Proprietary platform (S.H.E.) to automate, self-serve and commercialize the SEO concept.


Data Accuracy

A mixture of accurate data and timely reporting to allow marketers to work in synergy with their I.T personnel to vastly improve website organic presence.


One Tool for All

Providing structure, automation and scalability to your SEO whether you are in Hong Kong, Asia or other regions globally.


Easy Setup

Provides companies of various scales with the ability to apply SEO best practices to their web presence.

The Meaning of Aloha

  • Aloha, a word rooted in the Hawaiian culture, is commonly utilized as a greeting and as an expression of love. The word also holds a deeper meaning within the culture of interacting rightfully in the natural world.

  • Our company culture is a reflection of the meaning as we seek to treat one another with righteousness and with love – to create a culture of equality and an environment for idea sharing to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

  • The word Aloha cements our cultural foundation as we apply SEO as a method for our clients to greet the world in an organic way - for our clients to say aloha to all interest parties.

Aloha on FinTV

aloha on fintv
Our co-founder Ryan Cheng shared with FinTV for his story of starting Aloha

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